Promoting the Florida Outdoors with Education and Respect

  • Building the Outdoor Florida Community

    Over a decade ago, I started an outdoor adventure group, one modeled on a social and athletic club that my dad was part of many years ago. Over time we had hundreds of outdoor adventures, from kayaking the 1000 islands, to snorkeling all over, to biking all over the state. We tubed the Itchetucknee, went […]

  • Celebrate the State of Florida!

    Florida a multitude of incredible outdoors activities, from snorkeling and biking, to diving, softball and volleyball. From camping, hiking and kayaking to fishing, boating, windsurfing, and much more. Join us on our The Sunshine Republic blog and podcast to explore all the amazing adventures that the southmost state has to offer…

  • You Are An Artist

    As a business owner or someone aspiring to be one, you are an artist – you have a pallet from which you can design your own reality. And as you embark on this effort – or continue on your well-trod path, it’s important to remember that there are no wrong turns or dead ends. They’re […]