Building the Outdoor Florida Community

Over a decade ago, I started an outdoor adventure group, one modeled on a social and athletic club that my dad was part of many years ago.

Over time we had hundreds of outdoor adventures, from kayaking the 1000 islands, to snorkeling all over, to biking all over the state. We tubed the Itchetucknee, went scalloping in Steinhatchee, saw nights launchings at Cape Canaveral. We also took an interest in Florida history, visiting somewhat forgotten spots of old Florida. like Cedar Key, Stan’s Idle Hour in Goodland, and the Aerojet rocket facility in Florida City.

Our group, which actually started in 2006, went through a number of name changes, but for the last few years has been known as “Snorkel, Bike, Kayak & Play Softball with The Sportsters”. Today it’s over 8000 somewhat loosely connected folks that have been getting together for, well, 16 years or so.

Recently we decided to formalize what we do, and what we have done, in a blog and a podcast, under the moniker: The Sunshine Republic.

If you’re interested take a look at these links:

The Sunshine Republic Blog:

The Sunshine Republic Podcast:

The Outdoor Adventure Group that kicked it off years ago:

We’re always very open to new Florida experiences, whether they be stories, or photographs, or real-life adventures.

So if you have a Florida story to tell – please feel free to reach out to us!

We’re looking forward to continuing to build the awareness and respect of the natural wonders of Florida, with you!







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